Lawyer Tips

I recently stumbled on this piece of genius. I know at least two of you out there will appreciate this. It’s sadly a little too biographical as of late.

So funny, so sad, and so unfortunately true. 

Finally, just so everyone knows when they get to the post concerning comma usage, I have crazy strong feelings on the Oxford comma. That’s not sad or crazy to have opinions on proper comma usage. 

Mic drop 🎙

3 thoughts on “Lawyer Tips

  1. And the ever perplexing billing questions, like the scenario identified in the following entry:

    While traveling, I often work on my laptop in the passenger seat, using my iPhone as a personal hotspot while someone else drives. I do this even though I get so carsick that we need to pull over frequently so I can vomit violently by the roadside. The lingering question I have is, can I bill that time spent vomiting or should it be considered personal time?


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