Standing still

For the past several months, it seems like things have been at a standstill. Following reasonably positive opening discussions, I became crazy busy with work, and BB with his school and final exams. It was a crazy time and I guess we never prioritized us particularly. So, there’s that. The other issue is that I […]

Little things

BB and I went skiing today. He usually carries my skis for me. Because he’s big and strong and I’m not. He usually helps me with my boots. And today like a child I managed to zip my coat up wrong so the zipper came apart from the bottom. He sighed, and said “you really […]

Too little time

So, this month has been a gong show. I had intended to take a week off in early January because I was too busy in December to make that happen. Instead, I’m on my way to a solid 220 hour month. My “vacation” week I “only” billed 19. Ugh. So this post is less to […]