Too little time

So, this month has been a gong show. I had intended to take a week off in early January because I was too busy in December to make that happen. Instead, I’m on my way to a solid 220 hour month. My “vacation” week I “only” billed 19. Ugh. So this post is less to complain and more to explain why I’ve been AWOL. 

On a related note, how the Hell do any of you guys stay connected in these circumstances? What a challenge. It also sucks to have to be in Bad-Ass Lawyer Bitch mode 100% of the time, despite more or less killing it at work.  

That all said, we managed to have a few minutes alone together on a couple of occasions. Both occasions involved BB repurposing a bamboo back-scratching stick which he has declared is his new favorite toy. He’s clearly interested in my sexual perversions but still unwilling to articulate anything. Not really, anyway. The one thing that’s become clear this month is that I want a Daddy. I’m keeping that to myself for now since I want BB to figure himself out first before I add anything else into the mix. 

In conclusion, that was a terrible rambling post about nothing coherent. I’m going to call it unfiltered and authentic and pat myself on the back for writing at all. 

5 thoughts on “Too little time

      • I’m the same way. I can’t leave it undone. I try to keep boundaries between work and home, but they get overstepped at times. He supports me when it’s just a tough week. You know how that goes. When you have trials and things come up last minute, you have to get on top of it quickly! However, when I start to become crabby and not present in my time at home, he steps in and takes over. It helps that he is a lawyer too and knows what reasonable looks like, both in terms of a reasonable lawyer and a reasonable me. I used to dismiss him more frequently before, but I realize that he is right. When I miss a moment at home, it is exactly that. It is missed and I won’t get it back. I can always work on the motion, order, complaint or whatever after the children have slept.


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